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Market yourself to a VIP audience of affluent theatre troupes and live performance stars and their cast & crew, just when they need your products and services the most!

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Be a key part of the information a theatre provides to their production teams!

The magazine is a ubiquitous publication, utilized at a variety of touch points throughout the cast & crew’s tour. It is often shared by the theatre team via the management office, dressing rooms and other backstage areas.

It offers a comprehensive destination guide to relevant services your city has to offer.

Be there when discerning celebrities and their team need you the most, as part of an exclusive and trusted source of valuable businesses and service providers.

Communicate directly with the most prominent figures in show business and the perfect demographic of clientele for your business.

The magazine is a luxury and exclusive inside industry guide that is utilized by many of the world’s best theatres. Its audience is primarily producers, directors, agents, talent scouts, CEO’s, owners, managers, celebrities, stars and cast & crew.

The publications both in print & digital are with their readers at every stage of their tour, before, during and even after they visit a city.

The All Eyes On magazine elevates local businesses and localizes national brands.

The magazines are also available in digital format. The magazine will often be prominently featured on the theatre website and email signatures, and many other strategic locations. Far more flexible than the print copy, the digital can be regularly updated in real-time, making the publications even more unique.