Encore: The Exclusive Insider's Guide to Show Business

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Dual Impact: Print and Digital Presence

Encore is a dual threat in the realm of advertising, offering the classic appeal of print alongside the dynamic capabilities of digital. Advertisers benefit from the tangible charm of our print magazine, which graces the dressing rooms and production offices of the world’s finest theatres. Simultaneously, our digital edition ensures that your brand’s message is as current and accessible as the latest scene change, with updates that keep pace with the industry’s heartbeat.

Luxury Meets Legacy in Show Business Advertising

Introducing Encore Magazine, where luxury branding meets the esteemed world of show business. As the newly reimagined industry standard, Encore provides an exclusive platform for advertisers to reach the giants of the stage and screen. Tailored for an audience of producers, directors, agents, and stars, our magazine is a trusted resource for industry leaders, whether they’re in the wings or on the go.

Engage with a High-Profile Audience

Your brand deserves a stage as grand as the audience it seeks to captivate. Encore’s advertising spots are more than just pages or pixels—they’re a statement of sophistication and prestige. Through compelling visuals, articulate messaging, and strategic placement, your advertisement in Encore doesn’t just reach an audience—it resonates with the tastemakers and influencers who drive the entertainment industry.

A Direct Line to the Industry's Best

Encore stands as a pillar within the theatre and film production communities. Our readers are the masterminds behind the scenes, making decisions that shape the cultural landscape. Advertising with Encore means your brand narrative becomes part of the essential dialogue among show business professionals, offering unparalleled access to an audience that values exclusivity and high-calibre services.

Be Part of the Encore Experience

With Encore, you’re not just buying advertising space—you’re securing a role in the ongoing narrative of show business excellence. We invite you to be part of this exclusive experience, where your brand will take its place among the most esteemed names in entertainment. It’s time for your Encore, and the audience is waiting.