Encore Magazine: Elevating Your Theatre's Prestige and Connection

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Tailored Content for In-House Excellence

Encore is more than a magazine; it’s a curated experience reflecting the uniqueness of your theatre. Our content is specifically tailored to inform and engage your team, providing valuable insights and updates about in-house happenings, upcoming shows, and staff achievements. Imagine a publication that not only celebrates your theatre’s legacy but also fosters a sense of community and pride among those who make the magic happen.

A Bespoke Magazine for Your Theatre: No Cost, All Glamour

Welcome to Encore Magazine, a bespoke publication designed to enrich the experience of your theatre’s staff, associates, and collaborators. At no cost to your establishment, Encore offers an unparalleled opportunity to elevate your theatre’s prestige and connect deeply with the vibrant life of your city.

An Elegant Platform for Local Collaboration

Encore is more than a magazine; it’s a conduit for collaboration. By featuring local businesses and services, we create a network of potential partnerships and opportunities for your theatre. This platform encourages a symbiotic relationship between your theatre and the city, opening doors to new ventures and community engagement.

The Pulse of Your City, Delivered

Understanding the local landscape is key to a theatre’s success. Encore brings this knowledge to your doorstep. Each edition is a window into the city’s cultural heartbeat, highlighting local events, dining, and entertainment options. Your staff and associates stay connected with the community, enriching their personal and professional lives and, in turn, enhancing the overall theater experience for your patrons.

Join the Encore Revolution

Partnering with Encore means more than just having a magazine. It’s about joining a movement that celebrates the art of theatre and the communities it nurtures. Be part of this revolution, and let Encore be the voice that amplifies your theatre’s presence and prestige, all at no cost to you. Your theatre deserves an Encore, and we are here to deliver it.

Your Theatre's Story, Beautifully Told

Every theatre has a story, and Encore is here to tell yours. Through elegant design and compelling storytelling, we capture the essence of your theatre, showcasing its history, vision, and the people who bring it to life. This narrative becomes a part of the Encore experience, shared with a discerning audience that appreciates the art of theatre and the dedication behind it.

The magazines are also available in digital format. The magazine will often be prominently featured on the venue’s website and email signatures, and many other strategic locations. Far more flexible than the print copy, the digital can be regularly updated in real-time, making the publications even more unique.